Tips On How You Can Succeed At Working From Home

When people think about working from home, many imagine sleeping in late, lounging around in their pajamas and long leisurely lunches. “But what people need to realize is that even though working from home offers a great amount of flexibility, it is still a professional job and it needs to be treated as such,” - Holly Reisem Han. Individuals need to learn the best work at home practices, like setting office hours, having a dedicated office space, avoiding home-bound distractions, and actually dressing as if you were going to an office

Working from home provides you great opportunities to connect with some of your core values, like family and community, while still providing quality service to your company.  But if you’re the type of person who prefers a lot of guidance or is easily distracted, working at home may not be an ideal situation for you.

It is believed that  some of the biggest challenges that home-based workers face are learning how to avoid distractions, dealing with social isolation, and others not taking your work at home status seriously. Luckily, with a few minor adjustments to your mindset and some honest communication with those around you, these can easily be solved.  

Below Are Some  Tips On How To Successfully Work From Home:

Plan Your Day:   This will help you minimize your distractions and maximize your true productive times, For example, many people eat a small breakfast on their way to the office, but when at home, you may be tempted to have a bigger breakfast which may slow you down for your early morning meeting. Or you may normally get off at 5 pm, but the kids come home at 4 pm, so you may need a shorter lunch so you can get all your work done.

Stay Connected: Make sure that you’re readily available via e-mail, phone, text, instant message, Skype and/or conference call, when in doubt, over-communicate until told otherwise. Don't forget that your lack of presence can be negative if your boss is in the dark, especially in this high employment environment. While the best managers are looking for results, to some extent, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Be vocal about your activities and achievements while away from the office. 

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle: Working at home tends to lend itself to a sedentary lifestyle, not to mention the proximity of the kitchen and refrigerator, making weight gain a problem for many telecommuters. Make sure to schedule time for regular exercise, keep healthy snacks around the house and remember to drink a lot of water.

Set Office Hours: Make sure to create a time slot for each of the day’s activities. This helps with communicating to others when your work time and play-time is. If you have small children you may need to schedule your work around their naps or another caregiver’s schedule, so that you can have a good chunk of time to work uninterrupted.

Take Breaks: When making your schedule, you might want to consider working in smaller spurts and allowing yourself time to get up from the computer to stretch this will really help you both physically and mentally. Without a water cooler and co-workers around, you may forget to take time away from your desk. When you take breaks, you'll be more productive. 

I am sure those who have worked from home for years wouldn't dream of going back to a corporate office. But it is easy to get spoiled while working remotely.  I believe with the tips mentioned above you can successfully work from home! 

- Culled from Forbes

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