10 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Freelancer

The workforce the landscape is shifting in a manner we could have never expected. We’re changing from the 9-to-5 we’ve come to be familiar with and dislike embracing a new workplace custom.
We’re empowered and enabled to work for anyone, from anywhere, at any time. Without a doubt, this reiterates that freelancing is the future of working.
If your business needs experts, but lacks the required resources or feels no need to engage a full-time worker, the answer lies in hiring a freelancer.
This article highlights the 10 reasons why it makes great business sense to hire a freelancer for your job or project.
1.  It is affordable
You pay your employees for an eight-hour work a day, invariably; they only work for about five of those hours that you’re paying them with lots of overhead.
A freelancer working from home doesn’t have to meet lots of overhead costs. It becomes possible for them to offer you more affordable rates.
Additionally, freelancers generally, cover their own health care and other such benefits.
A report shows that you can save approximately 20 to 30 percent each year by opting for a freelancer than a fulltime employee.
 2. It saves you space
Hiring a freelancer saves you of office space. You spend more on office space where your full-time employees work, but when you hire freelancers, who work from his or her location, that cost is avoided.
3.  It is more flexible
Honestly, the main reason why many freelancers have opted to freelance is that they love setting their own working hours. That same flexibility in hours can greatly benefit you too. Your freelancer could design your website, keep your business books, or reply to inquiries on your social media handles or website, posting a blog.
You can email your task or job to a freelancer anytime and get the tasks done within your timeline, even during the weekend.
4.  Speedy and Swift Service Delivery
Freelancers are always motivated to render excellent service at a high speed of delivery. They fully understand that it’s to their best interest when they remain reliable and exceed your expectations. They are not distracted by what gets full-time employers distracted, e.g., no time for office politics or endless meetings that have no agenda.
5.  Freedom and independence
Instead of engaging a full-time employee, you can conveniently work with a freelancer contract basis. Engaging a specialised freelancer helps in streamlining your business, particularly if your resources are limited.
Among the biggest hassles of employing new staff is the need for investing in training before they can contribute to the company's bottom line. On the other hand, freelancers are accustomed to working solo. Yes, of course, you’ll need to clearly define the service requirements and milestones clearly as well as your expectations but you won’t have to explain everything or train them.
6.  You get more Innovative result
In general, freelancers tend to be more innovative and receptive to new technology, cutting edge ideas and suggestions. Whilst large firms could also offer wonderful and innovative ideas, freelancers, as they are not typically burdened with some pre-conceived attitudes, could step in and install cutting edge solutions to your business design issues to challenge even the best of your professionals.
7.  Freelancers have the work experience your project needs
Good freelancers accumulate lots of experience from working with a variety of different businesses from diverse locations. Each client or job adds more experience to their skills. Your business stands to gain from all that vast experience.
8.   You can Hire Specific Experts for Better Delivery
If you have a special project that requires a specialist, you can hire the most suitable professional freelancer for that one time job. They bring their expertise to you without you having to employ somebody you will not need once the assignment is done.
9.   Subsequent or Future Availability
You can always depend on freelancers for future engagement and retainership. The majority of successful and talented freelancers enjoy their professional lives and work, always improving their skills. You will find that those you have a good work relationship with will always want to work for you in the future.
10.  Hire from Global Market
Outsourcing from cheaper labour markets become advantageous for your business for tasks like software development, writing and graphic design. In addition, you can make your operations 24-hour through taking advantage of overseas workers in different time zones.
Get the Freelancer Benefits
Several studies have shown that the freelancing entrepreneurial spirit is thriving vibrant and many professionals are increasingly leaving their full-time employment to take this lucrative plunge. Investing in a well-vetted freelancer could in fact bring untold advantages to your business. 
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