What to Look for When Hiring a Freelance Web Designer

In order to determine whether you want to hire a freelance web designer or a website developer, you have to do your research to understand what your project requires, as their desired technical skills will vary.

For developers, check for knowledge of CSS/CSS3, Javascript and HTML. Clearly communicate your goals, ask them about the programs they’re most familiar with, and ask to see work samples of their recent website designs.
You may also need freelancers with experience in user interface and user experience UI/Ux to be able to develop a great website with a great user interface. You may ask to know if they can use any of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, or other design software.
If you’re looking for a designer specifically, it’s important that the freelancer you choose can easily interpret your exact vision. The freelancer should easily understand your requirements, deliverables, and should be detail-oriented, with the ability to effectively communicate their deliver a website with a great look-and-feel.
You should be sure the freelancer is aware of the latest web trends. That way, the layout and style of your website will be relevant and eye-catching for your audience. For example, website designers on Proville are up to date about layout, styles and other features to catch the audience’s attention.

Key Takeaways

When Hiring a Freelance Web Designer, look for the following:

·        Technical skills: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, CSS/CSS3, Javascript, HTML
·        Ability to easily communicate their workflow and design process
·        Awareness of popular website formats and attractive design styles

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