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Within the fourth quarter of 2018, TradingEconomics published a report on the unemployment rate of Nigeria. Their stats revealed that 23.10% of the population of Nigeria is currently experiencing unemployment. In comparison with other countries like Canada, America, Mexico, and United Kingdom whose statistics are 5.8%, 4.0%, 3.6%, 4% respectively, Nigeria is still a little far from reducing the percentage of unemployment within its citizen.
        Now, the question is, How do those countries manage the unemployment rate? Freelancing has been the backbone and livewire to many countries in America, Europe, and Asia in other to cub their ever growing rate of unemployment. The shocking truth is that freelancers represent 35% of the United States Workforce and also a high proportion in other countries.
        Currently, Nigeria is embracing the act of freelancing. Many people are now using freelancing either as a side hustle or full-time employment. Within the last five years, a couple of freelance platforms in Nigeria has sprung up in other to reduce the rate of unemployment experienced within the country.
    In our review in this article, we are going to take a look at the top freelancing platforms in Nigeria and how it can help you push your skills to the whole of Nigeria and beyond.

1. Proville; Are you a tech guru, developer in both front-end and back-end, writing maniac, consultant, creative designer in both UI/UX, Finance expert, Legal Practitioner, marketer Customer Service Specialist and other diverse skills? Then proville can help push your skills and business. Proville was officially launched on 29th May 2018. It was launched in other to create an open system to resolve the demand and supply gap that exists between professionals in different areas and their prospects. Though Proville has not lived up to a year in Nigeria, their goal of becoming Africa’s pioneer online service of the marketplace is not far-fetched.

Whether you are a company/individual seeking the services of top freelancers in Nigeria or a freelancer looking for the right gig Proville can help you actualize your dream. Their platform bridges the gap of linking freelancers to more than 300,000 opportunities in every level of skill-sets.  

Using proville is very easy and straight forward. You can either register as a freelancer or as a company seeking the service of a freelancer. After filling your requirements like name, email, password, skill-set and a detailed profile status, Bing! You are good to go.

Meanwhile, if you intend posting a project on Proville, you can feel your details such as email, username, location and login name. When your account is created, you can post projects from your dashboard, monitor the activities of freelancer from their chat tool and maintain a one-to-one secure channel of communication. Your dashboard also helps you to manage the funds you assigned to your project by only releasing funds to freelancer whenever you are satisfied with your completed project.

If you find it difficult to link up with the right freelancer, you can use their advanced search functionalities helps you contact the right professional to handle your job.

And lastly, with their escrow system of payment modalities, both freelancers and clients can enjoy an atmosphere of trust during business transactions.

2. Jolancer; Jolancer is coming up on number two because it gives you an avenue to sell a wide variety of servicers. You can register on jolancer whatever your services might be and bid for the project from companies and individuals. Jolancer gives you the leverage to display your services on their homepage as an avenue to advertise your bid price for freelance services.

Starting with them as a freelancer or as an individual seeking the services of a freelancer is very easy and straightforward. After registering in either of the categories, you can communicate with clients through their messaging interface system and also get reviews from clients after the project is done.

 3. Asuqu; Asuqu is perfect when it comes to linking freelancers with the right gig. One beautiful aspect why Asuqu is recommended for most freelancers is because they are open for peoples opinion when it comes to supporting/feedback, partnership, advertising, and account issues. These opinions are centered on building their freelance platform and to grow beyond Nigeria and Africa. 

Specifically, their list of freelance service covers a wide aspect of categories like; design, video, and animation, photography, Sales and Marketing, Software/Tech, Writing and Home services. Whether you are SME and startups, Asuqu creates the platform to strive.
As a freelancer in Asuqu, you can enjoy an efficient communication system through chat/sharing of files and secure system of communication. While as a company or individual seeking the service of a freelancer, you are assured of money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your completed project(s).

4. FindWorka; FindWorka is sticking on number four because it is the home for freelance Tech experts. With a perfect interface for visitors, their service is a no-match to others. One beautiful aspect of Findworka is their drive to empower both freelance tech experts and companies.

Findworka was initially launched in 2016 for artisan and semi-skilled workers. But their drive to add value to the world of digital led them to become a platform for only digital services in 2017. Its platform is not only a place to find freelancing opportunity but a place where you can find software products, tech expert and even participate in their Academy to learn front-end web and back-end web development courses.

5. GigsNigeria; Are you having problem sourcing for freelance gigs? Then you have finally found GigNigeria. GigsNigeria might be seen as a small market place where freelancers and Client meet, but its uniqueness is appreciated by micro-services that are looking for an avenue to grow their businesses. As a freelancer, you can feature your skills and services on their homepage and get the right clients who are seeking your services.

6. Oyerr; For individuals who have tried one freelance service or the other and finds it difficult to get paid, Oyerr freelance platform is now the answer. Oyerr payment system not only uses PayPal but send payment directly to your local naira account. Oyerr went live on 13th September 2017. It allows freelancers to create small jobs called gigs from a list of categories. When such gigs are created, it is featured in the front page of Oyerr to showcase what you offer. Oyerr creates flexibility to its users by allowing you to change services in regards of the kind of service you sell.

And as a buyer or individual that seeks freelance services, gigs created by freelancer can be searched through their search button for easy navigation.

7. Freeciti; It is true that nothing is free in Freetown, but with freeciti, freelance registration is free for a freelancer.  Freeciti is one of the best places for freelancer and company to connect. Their category of skill set range Tech, Web reach, Creative writing, Search Engine Optimization, Blog Writing, Marking and a wide range. You can navigate through their job search to see a latest freelancing opportunity to start your bidding process. Also if you are a company or individual seeking the service of a freelancer, you can search their list of professionals who are always available to execute your project.

8. Chukolo; Chukolo gives you the avenue to begin a freelance service under their platform. But its application process is reviewed by a team of moderators to ensure that the right professionals are matched to clients. When you are approved, you will gain access to lots of projects to build your freelance career. Their skill category embraces a wide range such as website mobile software and IT, Writing and developing content, Data entry, Graphic designs, sales and marketing, and lots more.

9. Workdesk: Need to get your job done or planning to meet with other freelancer like yourself? Then workdesk is for you. As a freelancer, work desk allows you to showcase whatever your skill might be. Whether business skills, writing/transalation, video and audio skills, Digital marketing, web development and IT knowledge. You can also interact with other professionals to create a long-lasting relationship and build your brand.  While as a buyer of service, Workdesk provides a search query box which helps you to search according to relevant keywords, matching the right professionals to you.

10. Naijaworkman; The dream to change the perception of how people see entrepreneurship through freelancing is what naijaworkman tries to define. Naijaworkman is a home for artisan and professionals in various fields. They unite skillsmen and different jobs in their platform. They plan to reduce the large unemployment faced within the country by creating opportunities through freelancing services.

11. Workclick;   Why waste your skills while you can monetize it through workclick. The avenue of meeting the right short-term or long-term job is what workclick has brought to our door step. With workclick you can earn extra income, have flexible work mode, and gain professional relevance. Their platform also does not fail to help individuals or companies who intend to seek the service of freelancer get the right professional. You can get a list of relevant tradesmen such as; carpenter, first Aid, Cleaner, photographer, Dentist, Tailor, Electrician Hairstylist, Veterinary Doctor through their platform.

12. Terawork; With post or a direct order, you can find the best freelancer or professionals to handle your project. No matter how broad you want your professional to be in the area of Art and Creative Design, Events Planning, Business., Tech and Programming, Creative writing and Web design, you can rely on Teraworks.

As a freelance expert, you can register in their platform in any of the categories mentioned above and get your services featured in their frontpage.

Conclusively, no matter how small your skill-set might be, there is always someone looking for you to buy your services. You can try the already aforementioned top freelance platform to begin your freelance career

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