How to Write Business Proposal: 10 Steps for Better Proposal in 2019.

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Knowing how to write business proposal that gets a 'yes' is a magic wand in business. It unlocks opportunities beyond imagination. 

Whether you are new in business or you work full time but have ideas you can turn into side
business on your journey to entrepreneurship in 2019, you need to learn and master the art of
writing business proposal that rocks!

What Is Business Proposal?

A business proposal is a written document that offers solution in form of a product or service
to a potential buyer or client's particular problem. A business proposal can be solicited or

Why Learn How to Write Business Proposal?

Being proficient in writing business proposal ensures you convincingly articulate that you
understand a particular problem or situation, thereby positioning yourself or business as the
best solution.

What is the Best Business Proposal Format?

There is no effective one-size-fits-all format for all business proposals but there are
features common to good proposals:

1.  Glaring Credibility.

It is easy to get carried away by eagerness to get new business or prove your expertise. But,
never forget to prove yourself credible. Make your credibility pop in their eyes!

People easily buy into a course they readily relate with. If you have done similar project or work
with client in similar category, it will be a great boost for your business proposal.

Before you write business proposal, research your prospect deeply and see how you can tie your
previous experience with what or whom they can relate with.

2. Convincing Examples.

People who send business proposals that does not contain verifiable examples are like a lawyer
who goes to court to defend a case without evidence. Tendering evidence before the judge
does not automatically win a case but it could guide the judge to decide in your favour.

Samples of previous work with various clients who worked for in the past will add immeasurable weight to your proposition.

One thing that samples do to your business proposal is to give prospects insight into what you
have done so far. Make your sample as relevant as possible to the problem you seek to solve.

3. Clear Solution.

You do not know how much time your prospect has to go through your business proposal, so
make it easy for him/her to understand the solution you are proposing as early as possible.

After highlighting the problem you want to solve, follow immediately with a summary of how
you intend to solve the problem.

The less fluff you make your prospect go through, the better your chances of getting called back
for further discussion. If possible, write business proposal in such a way that your proposed
solution follows after the leading paragraph that discusses the problem.

4. Irresistible Benefits.

Although, you have clearly stated the solution you are offering, do not assume your prospect
will readily appreciate the benefits in your solution.

And as such, before you write business proposal, ensure you have cogent benefits to help
sell the value of your proposition.

How to Write business proposal -business proposal format

Since value is subjective, your business proposal will stand a better chance if you can
make prospect immediately want the benefits.

WARNING: Do not be overconfident in the features or peculiarities of your solution such that you do not do enough to sell the benefits. Sometimes, benefit is all that sells not great product in itself.

5. Customer's Language.

Sending a business proposal to a client-to-be typically starts communication and most likely a
business relationship. To ensure you communicate reasons the prospect should you call you back
clearly, communicate in the prospect's language.

When message is sent but the recipient cannot fully comprehend, communication has not
occurred. This is why it is important you write business proposal with handful knowledge of
your target audience.

Freelancers, consultants and many professionals often forget that everybody does not work in
their fields, thus they overlook the importance of using simple terms or expressions that layman
could understand.

Make sure you write business proposal using client's language to ensure yours stand out among the rest.

How to Write Business Proposal?

These are simple steps to write a business proposal that works:

1. Title page that contains your company’s name and contact information, company logo, client’s name and
contact information, the date, and a title.

2. Cover Letter which could include a one-liner introducing your company with brief background story and a
short overview of what makes your company better the best for the job.

3. Table of Contents should be an easy-to-read in outline of your business proposal. It helps prospect know what
they can expect to find in the document.

4. Executive Summary should simply answer important questions such as why are you sending proposal, and why
should the prospect to read it?

5. Proposal is the section that outlines the solution that you’re proposing. Describe the anticipated results,
possible time frame and how to measure results. Also, relate the solution to the client's
particular situation as much as you can.

How to Write business proposal -business proposal sample

6. Methodology explains basic and necessary processes involved in the proposed solution. Indicate input and
deliverables for each process as well as time frame for expectations, in a visual format to make
it more appealing.

7. About Us section can be used to buttress points about you and your business. Since you have briefly
introduced yourself in the cover letter, you might have raised some questions that this section
of your business proposal could help prospects find answers to.

8. Pricing Table that clearly identifies each product or service, and pair it with the most accurate
pricing information you can provide. Detailed pricing table helps client makes faster buying
decisions. Include incentives, discounts, payment terms or other additions that could prospect
pay conveniently.

9. Terms and Conditions section should present details of about client's expectations, payment and critical issues that
may arise in the course of the project. State all the client is expected to provide for successful
business as well what is expected of you.

10. Closure should tell the prospect the exact next step to take for the business to go into full swing. You may
need to make the client acknowledge and agree to important terms or give consent, include this
in Agreement section.

Good luck with your business proposals!
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