10 Reasons Why Mobile Apps Fail

WHY APPS FAIL - 10 mistakes

Do you know why apps fail? 

According to Gartner 2018 report, only 0.01% of consumer mobile apps succeed.
Apart from serious problems with monetization, businesses that invest heavily
in developing and marketing apps often realize they add next to nothing to the
bottom line.

Mobile apps easily come to mind as a tool for businesses to engage target audience,
because they provide great personalized user experience. But, apps are expensive
to develop, deploy and market.

To successfully run mobile app that drives business objectives, these are serious mistakes
to avoid based the most common reasons why apps fail:

1. Inaccurate Budgeting.

Cost of developing an app to marketable version is hard to accurately estimate during

Lots of unforeseen challenges come up during app development which may erode funds
for proper marketing, if you have set a particular budget to develop and market the app.

2. Bad Tech.

If you contract developer with obsolete structure or resources for your app, it may be
out of fashion even before you launch it. Because technology evolves so fast, an app
that was a brilliant idea 6 months ago can be the most terrible thing to market to
target audience.

3. Poor Testing.

For the sake of cutting cost and meeting deadlines, apps are barely taken through
rigorous quality assessment test. Testing is a fundamental part of app development
process but it is often watered down.

A lot user experience issues that make apps fail could have detected early only
if thorough testing was done.

4. Complex Features.

The least you can do to have a great is to make it difficult to use or repeats exact
functions of your website.

Huge investment in marketing an app can significantly influence downloads but user
friendliness determines usage and experience. If your app needs a lot of explanation
for users to get along, it is most likely going to fail.

5. Problem Solving.

No business invests in developing an app without a well-defined target audience, but how
many apps solve really important problems for users? Many apps fail not because they were
bad idea, but rather because they solve flimsy problems that users can easily do without.  

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6. No R.O.I.

To keep running and maintaining app is not cheap, especially if critical business objectives
are tied to it.

Whether it is problem with monetizing usage of the app or requiring a lot more funds than
planned to drive results, businesses often abandon their apps due to lack of returns on

7. Stiff Competition.

Apps are created in thousands on daily basis, your app that is doing great may soon be
battling with breath-taking competition.

As business that successfully runs an app, you should continue to iterate and evolve to
stay ahead of competition. Using customer feedback to keep improving the app will
ensure you keep users engaged.  

8. App Description.

App description is more than writing nice things about your darling app. It should
be treated like Search Engine Optimization for a website.

App description determines how people discover it when they search app store,
as well as first impression by first timers. You can also do mobile indexing for
your app so its content can be displayed in mobile search results.

9. Rating Optimization.

Review and rating by users are must-have for apps that will succeed. Before
downloading an app, most users check out the ratings and reviews to see
people's feedback. Bad rating and reviews can discourage people from
downloading your app.

It also helps to attend to genuine concerns raised in reviews as this tells
new users that you are proactive and value customer feedback.

10. Vague Branding.

Most of the apps that fail do not have things that distinguish them from others.
To help your app grow downloads and engagement, do proper branding and
give your app a life of its own.

Everyone who comes in contact with your app should easily know its unique
proposition and why it stands out among the rest.
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