Social Media Reporting Tool: Top 5 Analytics Tools for Freelancers and Business Owners in 2019

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Social media reporting tool is a must-have for every freelancer and business owner.

It is what shows you what is working versus what is not, with regards to your investment in
social media marketing.

Data makes the whole wide world go round. Yeah?

Without social media reporting tool, it will be hard to measure social media activities aimed
at promoting your business, increasing awareness, getting more leads, etc.

When some people say social media is all about posting on Facebook and getting likes with no real impact on bottom line, ask them what social media tool they use to measure returns. They most likely don't use any!

That is why you should borrow your business (if you run one) or your career (if you are a freelance
or full time social media marketer) two impactful minutes to read and digest this post.

Here we go.

What Is Social Media Reporting Tool?

Social media reporting tool is a data-driven or analytics tool for tracking the performance of various
aspects of a social marketing campaign.

Aspects of social media marketing that reporting tool gives insight into include sales, customer
service and sentiment analysis, etc.

Why Social Media Reporting Tool?

Although, every social media platform has in-built analytics tool to measure activities
and engagement, using third-party social media reporting tool gives you central dashboard
  1. track activities across multiple platforms.
  2. carry out daily tasks (such as scheduling).
  3. better measure fulfillment of business goals attached to social media marketing in more coordinated manner.

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Best Features in Social Media Reporting Tool?

To spend money and time wisely, avoid irrelevant insights that may not help you (or client) make good business decisions, these are features to look out for in social media reporting tool:
  1. Availability of metrics peculiar to your immediate business needs -engagement, growth, influencers, trend, referral, mentions, reach, etc.
  2. Ability to export report from social media in format you easily understand.
  3. Ability to help you choose, compare and measure business against top competitors.
  4. Ability to measure organic content separately from sponsored posts.
  5. Availability of features to personalize reports (for clients most especially)

Top 5 social media reporting tool?

These are my top 5 social media tools for your consideration, if you run a small business or work
as freelance social media marketer:

1. Agency Analytics.
Agency Analytics lets you integrate multiple social media platforms, analyze impressions, reach,
clicks and audience demographics from all these networks. On top of that you view live results
of your campaign performance metrics in real time.

You can also automate your reports; which helps you save reasonable amount of time you could have spent creating same report over and over again.

Now, that's awesome!

2.  Quintly.
Quintly helps you reach definite business goals by analyzing social media data with a dedicated
analytics tool. it contains many customizable metrics coupled with flexible dashboards designed to
optimize social media strategy.

With advanced data analytics and competitive bench marking, you have social media tool that gives
you concise performance insights to make meaningful decisions.

3. Keyhole.
Keyhole gives accurate, in-depth online monitoring of social media activities which helps understand
how target audience engage with your brand, campaigns and influencers. It works across social
networks and the web.

If you need a real-time hashtag tracker for Twitter, Instagram and Facebook that has user-friendly
visual dashboard for your freelance social media projects, Keyhole has got you.

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4. Socialreport.
Socialreport takes pride in being the World's most complete social media management platform. It
has numerous features that combine routine social media tasks with actionable reporting.

As an all-in-one tool, it allows reporting, publishing, searching and selecting social keywords.

5. Cyfe.
Cyfe has one-stop dashboard for monitoring and reporting social media, web analytics,
marketing, sales, etc.

It is built to pull data from Moz tool, Google Analytics, Instagram, Stripe, Bing Ads, Pingdom, Google
Trends, Google Ads, Google Alerts, LinkedIn, Mailchimp and many more platforms.

Create Cyfe account, integrate it with the necessary social media and web properties. You are on your way to seamless reporting.
Freelance social media marketer who wants to win the heart of clients should be able to provide
detailed insights into results of routines tasks coupled with clear impact that these tasks are having
or will have on the clients’ business.

Whether Socialreport, Keyhole, Quintly or whichever social media reporting tool you choose, don't
just make data available.

Provide your clients with meaningful performance insights that will not only justify budget allocated
to you but also help achieve business goals that lead to more profits.
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