How to Hire Web Developer: 5 Tips for Business Owners & Hiring Managers

How to Hire Web Developer: 5 Tips for Business Owners & Hiring Managers

How to hire web developer for your projects is not as simple as it sounds.

One would think being able to Google web developers will solve the problem in quick, easy steps. But
the reality is that there are basic things you must know in order successfully find and hire competent
web developers in Nigeria or anywhere in the world.

Are Web Developers in Demand 2019?

Yes. Web developers are in high demand in 2019 and will be in many years to come. According to
Techrepublic, web developer is one of the most in-demand tech jobs globally.

As more and more traditional companies continue to remodel their businesses (notably banks in
Nigeria), the need to develop new products that match consumer behaviours and expectations
continue to soar.

This means there will be increased vacancies for web developer jobs across health, real estate,
education, among other sectors over the years.

These Are 5 Things You Must Know to Hire the Best Web Developers:

1. Be Very Specific with Your Web Developer Job Offer

Knowing and outlining very clear terms of service for the type of web developer to hire, based on
your project, will help determine the right places to find web developers.

These are questions to answer to determine the right type of web developer jobs:
  • Do I want to hire a full time web developer?
  • Do I want to hire a freelance web developer?
  • Do I want contract-to-hire type of web developer?
If you are sure of which of these categories the web developer job falls into, you will be able to
quickly decide on how to hire web developer in Nigeria or any part of the world.

2. Be Clear on Web Developer Skill Set Required for Your Project

For a successful delivery of your project within reasonable timeline, it is more than important
for you to know preferred skill set, knowledge or area of specialization required for your project
before posting web developer jobs.

Knowing the required web developer expertise required to execute your project will not help you
write concise project description but also help you ask the right questions in your decision-making

As all fingers are not equal, all web developers are not the same. Some have deeper knowledge on
some aspects of web development than the others, depending on what your project requires.

These are some types of developers to read up on to decide the right one for your project:

WARNING: Much as some developers might have developed expertise in multiple aspects over the years of their career, be careful of JACK-OF-ALL-TRADE type of developers!

3. Look out for Passionate Web Developer not Merely Experienced

When it comes to working with web developers, I have come to learn the utmost place of
passion for the job, above every other qualities.

From personal experience, among all other things I know these as qualities of a passionate web
  • taking initiative
  • sticking to deadline
  • responding fast to requests
  • being result-oriented instead of just doing tasks
  • communication skills (ability to break things down for you)
if you have had to literally drag a developer to get things done well and fast, you will appreciate
the fact that you must be concerned about passion for the job as much as experience
and the right skill set (as listed above).

4. Avoid trivia, irrelevant questions purely meant to test knowledge

When interviewing for freelancer web developer (or full time), it is a normal thing you want to test
the person's knowledge of the field and industry at large.

However, never web programming trivia questions like:
  • What year was PHP released?
  • How did Python programming start?
  • What is JavaScript?
Questions like these will not help you find thorough web developer. It may actually discourage really
good ones from taking you seriously.

Rather, asking some project specific questions as well as questions test smartness helps a lot.

You could ask a new developer questions like:
  • What is your process for communicating with your client?
  • What programming language did you learn recently?
  • How would you explain your work to a kid?
  • What is your favorite web platform and how do you think it’s built?
  • How do you detect bug in your work and what is your debugging routine like?

5. Have a Good idea of What to Look for in Web Developer's Portfolio

During the process of screening prospects for full time web developer job or interviewing
freelancer web developer, you often times get to go through their portfolios.

This experience can be as exciting as confusing, IF you don't know what to specifically look out for in
competent web developer's portfolio.

HIRE WEB DEVELOPER -qualities of good developer -

In order not to base your hiring decisions on irrelevant information, these are things you will
typically find on a good web developer's portfolio:

1. Context for Projects Look for pieces of information such as easy to understand project description, who the
project was for, when it was done and relevant screenshots to buttress it.

Don't get carried away by interesting project titles listed in dozens with no important details.

2. Core competencies
it is not a crime for web developers to have competencies across multiple programming languages.
But, it will be dangerous for you to hire web developers that knows ten languages but not great at one.

No matter how versatile the prospect sounds, try as much as possible to understand the web
developer's core competencies.

3. Content of Bio
it is common to see look-alike bios on people's portfolios. But, if you truly care about knowing
the personality of web developer you are about to hire, give a lot of attention to the bio section.

You will learn a whole lot about the developer by 'studying' the bio on a web developer's portfolio.

With these helpful tips on how to hire web developer, you should be able to figure out quickly who is
the best fit for your projects per time.

Kindly share your previous experience  with hiring developers and how you went about it in the
comment section.
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