Customer Service Skills: Top 5 Qualities for Great Customer Experience.

Customer Service Skills: Top 5 Qualities for Great Customer Experience.

Seeking to improve your customer service skills does not necessarily mean you will work directly in the department.

But, there will be no work for you soon if customers keep having terrible experience.

Who Is a Customer?

According to Mahatma Gandhi,

A customer is the most important visitor on our premises. He is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. He is not an interruption in our work. He is the purpose of it. He is not an outsider in our business. He is part of it. We are not doing him a favor by serving him. He is doing us a favor by giving us an opportunity to do so.

Defining a customer from this perspective means every member of a business organization that
set out to serve people or company for the aim of making profit must learn customer services skills.

What Is Customer Service?

There is no one-size-fits-all definition of customer service in the world of business, creating great
customer experience from the first point of contact with prospects to engaging them after
purchase requires the best of people management service you can provide.

Everything you do to serve the customer within this scope can be termed as customer service.

Some CEOs, like Jeff Bezos, do not hide behind crazy work schedule in order to avoid customer
emails directed to them. Little wonder Amazon grew massively over the years while other
eCommerce business rest in peace!

If you agree with me that you don't have a job or business in the first place in the absence
of customers, you should glue attention to this post till the end as I will share the best  customer
service skills for creating great customer experience.

Most definitely, as a freelance customer service representative or business owner who needs helping
hands with attending to customers, we all interface with customers differently.

However, we need to get some certain aspects of customer interaction right by continuously learning
and improving on our customer service skills.

What Are the Best Customer Service Skills?

These are top 5 customers service skills you need to create good customer experience:

1. Active Listening

Interacting with customers is a dialogue. As it affects effective communication in any given
circumstance, active listening is the best foundation you can lay for awesome customer experience.

Active listening is not merely listening to reply. It involves deliberately allowing customer to fully
express themselves while you process their thoughts and show sign of getting along with them.

Even when you already know the answer to a customer’s question or complaint, active listening
requires that you ensure the customer feels understood .  You can give this assurance with
follow up questions to ascertain that you get the message passed across by the customer.

2. Clear Communication

Clear communication is not impressing your customer with crispy ‘British accent’, it is speaking clearly,
politely and at the pace at which the customer will assimilate.

Since customers are human like us, they look out for empathy when they reach out to complain or ask
questions. Customer service representative who has mastered clear communication skills will ensure
the right message is passed and understood.

Customer service skills for great experience -listening - proville,net

Clear communication also requires that you watch out for customer’s defense lines.

It is important to note, correct and change to a better tone or use of word when you notice the
customer is becoming defensive as a result of what you mean or what do not.   

3. Being Patient

Patience is a virtue, not only in our personal relationships but also in relating with customers.

One customer service skill that cannot be overemphasized is being patient. During your interaction
with customers, your level of tolerance will be put to test especially by angry dissatisfied customers.

Being patient with customers really becomes tricky when customers have wrong expectations. In this
case, customer may get confrontational which may make you quite uncomfortable, this is when to
withdraw from your deposit of surplus patience.

You want to be great at customer service? Whether as a freelancer, full time representative or
business owner, be patient!

4. Reading People

Ability to quickly read someone based on the context of the conversation and relate to him/her as
appropriate is a customer service skill we all must learn.

Being able to correctly read someone helps you differentiate the personality from the character you
are interacting with at the moment.

Sometimes, situations make customers behave in a certain way. If you do not understand this and put
it to work, you may mistake the personality of the customer you are relating it.

This can easily lead to permanent damage in customer relationships. Learn how to read people. You will be forever glad you did!

5. Conflict Resolution (Task Completion)

Seems conflict resolution is a no-brainer in customer service, right? There is something special for
freelancers and business owners to learn here.

It will count for you as a great customer service skill, if you approach every request or complaint as a
task you must complete. For people who register customer complaints on CRM (Custom Relationship Management) apps, you know an issue must be resolved before a ticket is closed.

Same way you should handle every customer interaction. While taking a customer’s complaint or
request, you must have identified the purpose of the conversation.

And as such, when you provide response  or carry out task expected of you, do not assume you have
resolved the issue. You should go a step further by asking to confirm that you have completed the
task at hand.

It is sure difficult to satisfy all customers all the time, but you would have done more than ordinary to
have asked for feedback to ensure the task is completed before closing the conversation.

You can as well provide resources that could further help the customer or refer him/her to someone
who could.  

These are 5 of the most important customer service skills that help freelancers and business owners
create great customer experience.

Kindly share your experience with customer service of any company or brand you consider to possess or lack these skills. And to you personally, what are the best people management skills you consider as must-have for customer service?
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