Freelancing Platforms in Nigeria

Need professionals or contract workers for your business? This article will show you the top freelance platforms where you can hire workers and freelancers or work online as a freelance professional.
Here are few websites to find freelance assistance and jobs in Nigeria:

Proville Business Solutions Limited also known as “Proville”, is a Nigerian company that provides tech-based solutions. is owned by Proville and it focuses on solving unemployment problem in Africa. is an online marketplace for professional services. is a platform that bridges the divide between core professionals and their prospects. is a pioneer professional platform that focuses on African professionals while targeting clients globally.

How works
·       Client posts a job
·       Professionals submit proposal for the job
·       Client reviews and accepts a proposal
·       Client escrows fund for the job to escrow
·       Professional starts job
·       Client reviews and ensure quality of job done by professional via proville messenger
·       Professional completes job
·       Client is Ok with job done, client goes to his/her dashboard and releases payment from escrow to professional’s bank account.
They are both happy.
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To Get Started
Click on "Work" or “Hire” button on the homepage to signup as a professional or as a Service buyer. After submission of form, use the activation mail that would be sent to your email to activate your account, sign in and proceed to update your profile at the top right corner of your dashboard. Then you are good to go

Asuqu is Nigeria marketplace for creative and professional services. Asuqu connects creatives and professionals with prospective customers in Africa, helping to remove the traditional barriers to innovation, empowerment and entrepreneurship.
Asuqu SME is one of Asuqu’s service that focuses specifically on SME’s. The service offers small businesses a unique and cheap pricing for services such as graphic design, social media marketing, and content marketing.

As described on the website, Findworka is an online marketplace for digital services and gigs, where customers find and connect with diverse qualified freelance experts in Africa in the most affordable, timely and secure manner.
Launched in May 2016, Findworka has over one thousand freelancers onboard ranging from Web Developers, Graphics Designer, and Content Developer etc.

Jolancer is serving as a dedicated platform for skilled Nigerian youths to register their profiles and bid for projects in their line of expertise (skills), and as a platform for project owners (clients) to find qualified freelancers for their projects thereby, reducing their expenses on particular projects.
Jolancer is developed to bridge the gap between Freelancers and Project Owners/ Contractors/ Clients in Nigeria. The good thing is that there is a possibility for a freelancer to eventually get a full-time job with the client company.
Justfrom5k is a simple platform where anyone can find basic errands or professional tasks to perform for people and get paid to do it. It is basically a freelance platform for Nigeria.
Just as the names imply you can get a professional service rendered to you for as low as 5,000 Naira.
SourceGig is a platform that is built on popular freelancing ideology and technology but designed for local freelancers and job posters. Sourcegig is a content development, graphic illustration, digital and web development marketplace.
SourceGig’s mission is to reduce unemployment, increase creative, increase productivity and create self-employment in Nigeria.


Gigs Nigeria is a well thought out platform for people to have small shops to make extra money as Freelancers of small jobs. Also, no need for thinking of big money to get things done, all that buyers need to do is to look for an expert that can deliver their small jobs for small money and with big gains.

Freeciti is a community marketplace for professional freelance in Nigeria that connects business services to skilled freelancers. Freeciti provides you with whatever you need to turn your ideas into a reality, whether it’s a programmer, writer, or a team of freelance to handle your task. Find, hire and collaborate with as well as pay freelancers around Nigeria via Freeciti to take your business to a greater height.
          9.     OYERR.COM
Oyerr Marketplace is a Nigerian Freelance Platform where services and micro jobs are created and paid for.
Oyerr is a freelance online service that create avenue for buyers and sellers to meet. It allows you offer credible online services at your convenience irrespective of your location.

With more than 50 different categories, Yokebay offers great job opportunities for every type of freelancers in Nigeria. It has jobs ranging from a website designer, graphics design, social media marketing to various online marketing jobs.
Wherever you are in your freelancing career or whatever your level of experience, Yokebay is most likely to have jobs for you.

Whether you’re a programmer, designer, expert, college student or something in between, there’s a freelance platform out there for you. Check out the sites above to get started today!

Also, as a small business looking for extra hands of experts in Nigeria, these platforms are all you need to get your job done faster. 
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