Understanding Your Buyer's Journey Through Content Marketing

Before going into understanding your buyer's journey, first you must know who your buyer is, how they behave, what influences them etc. The questions is; 

How well do you know your buyer?

This question seems quite easy but has led to the downfall of countless businesses, the concept of providing what you feel is the customers need looms large and this issue has led to various major companies spending lumps of cash on content generation and digital marketing without clearly recognizing who their target audience really is.
If you haven’t made moves in understanding the needs of your ideal customer, now would be a perfect time to start as the more clustered the marketplace gets, the more essential your interaction to your audience would be. Once you have a good enough idea of the person you’re attempting to serve, a great start would be to enter into your buyer’s journey strategy.

What is a buyer’s journey?

A buyer’s journey is a major factor to be considered when poaching or trying to win over any such potential client through a step-by-step procedure. In content marketing, this process plays a huge role as it provides an overview on how your product or service is the perfect solution to what the prospective buyer might be seeking.
The journey can be grouped into various phases:

Awareness phase

This phase is the contact phase, in which the buyer comes across your product or service as they try to solve a challenge they might be facing. This phase varies depending on how urgent the issue might need to be resolved.

Consideration stage

At this point the buyer identifies various solutions or ways by which the issue he is facing can be resolved.

Decision stage

The final stage encompasses the buyer basically making moves. At this stage the buyer makes a purchase decision, and if not they revert to the consideration stage.

In mapping out a content marketing strategy that’s in line with your buyer’s journey,
each plan must be tactful and have an assigned purpose. This purposes may range
from awareness generation or trust acquisition.
To help you get started, here are some content marketing tips you can apply.

1. Create a catchy content

The audience is the focus here and with that in mind, you should strategically create a
content with a clear discrepancy between the problem which you have found and its
ideal solution.

2. Standing out

You should invest time and energy in generating content that makes you stand out. With
the competition in the marketplace in mind, one word you should focus on is UNIQUE.
How does your brand stand out? What’s your brand identity? Answering those
questions effectively would ensure your uniqueness thereby attracting potential buyers
as everyone loves doing business with someone they feel connected to.

3. Evoking trust by ensuring delivery

It is very essential to build trust and give content which doesn’t only make bold claims to
solving problems but also how effective your product or service is.
It should also be noted that properly mapping content to buyers has direct implications
on your success with search engine optimization.

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