Tips for Surviving and Thriving In Your First Year of Freelancing

In as much as freelancing comes with the freedom to be your own boss; you choose who to work for, where to work from and when to work. It is also important to note that freelancing is a serious business hence it must be treated with an entrepreneurial business mindset. Just like venturing into any other business, the first year is always the hardest and same applies to freelancing. Not only is there a steep learning curve, there is also a lot of work that must go into building your freelancing business and attracting clients. The following tips will help you survive the challenges and maximize the opportunities that come your way.

1. Schedule your tasks

Being successful as a freelancer is all about discipline and self control. If you don't have self control to stay on tasks, you won't make very far. In order to stay disciplined, you have to develop daily schedule for your different tasks. Creating and following through your schedule helps you stay on tasks.

2. Develop a budget

Unless you are one of few people that have a regular 9-5 job and only freelance as a side hustle that consistently bring in the same monthly income, you'll definitely experience a short-term drop in income due to lack of predictability that comes with freelancing. This is why you need to start budgeting and slashing out unnecessary expenses. You can trim your monthly expenses by eating out less and curbing online shopping habits.

3. Hone your networking skills

One critical factor to being successful as a freelancer is networking. If you don't have connections, your going to face a big challenge when comes to finding clients and generating income. You have to put yourself other there not just on social media but also offline. Attend freelancer events to connect with other local freelancers such as Freelancer Meetup organized by Proville. Join industry associations where you will meet a bunch of people and build strong connections with other entrepreneurs that have additional connections. It is proven that face-to-face networking tends to yield better results and stronger relationships.

4. Have a good work-life balance

One of the biggest challenge with freelancing is finding a way to have a healthy work-life balance. You work work work and forget you have a life of your own. Since freelancing gives you the freedom to work from home, try creating time for family, rest, recreation and social life. You can achieve a healthy work-life balance by scheduling and allocating time for the different activities.

5. Learn from every mistake

Starting off as a freelancer be prepared to make costly mistakes. You are definitely going to mess up, you are going to have moments where you wished you never started in the first place. Your first year will be filled with minor and major hitches but instead of letting it weigh you down, allow it mold you into a more successful freelancer, learn from your mistakes and move on quickly. The first year is always the hardest but if apply these tips and survive it, then you're off to a great start to a successful freelancing career.

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